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  • Active and Passive Vibration Control of Periodic Drill-Strings (Sponsor: Qatar National Research Foundation)


  • Multifunctional Polyurea Composites for Mitigating & Monitoring Vibration, Impact Loading, Abrasion, and Health of Structures (Sponsor: King Abdulaziz City of Science & Technology KACST).
  • Power Flow Measurement using Discrete Strain Sensors (Sponsor: Airbus)


  • Discrete and Distributed Strain Sensors (Sponsor: Airbus)
  • Battery-Free Flashover Alarm for Firefighters (Sponsor: Dept. of Homeland Security)



  • Active Acoustic Cloaks, ONR
  • Smart Firefighter Garments for Burn Mitigation and Firefighter Safety, Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS)


  • Quiet Underwater Shells with Circulatory Advanced Grid Stiffeners, ONR
  • Orion Landing Loads Attenuation, NASA- GSFC
  • Firefighter Accountability, Dept. of Homeland Security
  • Characterization of the Hydrodynamics of Undersea Vehicles and Propulsors using Particle Image Velocimetry, ONR
  • Smart Paint, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia


  • Long term monitoring of firefighter heat exposure during normal operation
  • Center for Disease Control, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
  • Firefighter Temperature and Humidity Exposure Computer, Department of Homeland Security & MFRI
  • Solar- HALE UAV – Minta Martin Grant/UMD
  • Shape and Health Monitoring of Morphing Structures, ARO


  • Shape and Health Monitoring of Morphing Structures", NSF-CMS
  • Head Displays for Firefighters, Dept. of Homeland Security- MFRI


  • Virtual Reality Design of Underwater Shells with Advanced Grid Stiffeners, Office of Naval Research
  • Mitigation of Air Gun High Frequency Stress Waves, Army Research Laboratory
  • Monitoring of Vital Signs of Firefighters, Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute
  • Active Noise Control of Fans, MIPS program & Warner Air, LLC


  • Intelligent Life Searching and Saving (ILSS)” System, National Science Foundation
  • Smart Snake Robots, SAIC
  • Health Monitoring of the New High Performance Bridge, MDOT/SHA
  • Hybrid Piezoelectric Acoustic Actuation System, DARPA, Defense Science Office
  • Equipment for Wireless Distributed Deflection and Health Monitoring of Bridges, National Science Foundation.

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