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Courses 2013

  • ENES 601: Future Faculty Program Seminar I (1 credit)

Grade Method: REG/AUD.

Restriction: Must be in the Clark School Future Faculty Program.

Description: Introduction to and development of skills necessary to obtain and succeed in a university faculty position. Emphasis on technical writing and effective presentations. Discussion of research diversification, networking, ethics and professionalism.

Class Schedule:  Th........ 4:00pm- 5:15pm (EGR 1108)


  • GEMS397: Team Project Seminar IV (2 credits)

Grade Method: REG.

Prerequisite: GEMS396.

Restriction: Must be in the Gemstone program with junior standing in a research team.

Description: This is the fourth of six seminars during which Gemstone students carry out interdisciplinary research with the guidance of a faculty mentor. The team further develops its website. Also they will prepare and present the team project in the poster session of Undergraduate Research Day. Restricted to Gemstone Students.

Class Schedule:

M......... 1:00pm- 2:00pm (EGR 3102)

Tu........ 7:00pm- 7:50pm (EGR 1110)


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